IRAssistant FAQ

1. Why does the mouse cursor move so slowly when the remote control button is pressed?
Did you remember to check the "Repeat actions" check box from the "add/edit action" -dialog? You could download the ready mouse configuration from the download page!

2. Why doesn't the button group macros work?
If you added macros "under" the group, you should activate the group first! You must use the learn -command for the group to be able to activate it. When the button group is activated by pressing the remote controller button, the macros in the group work. This way for example the "play" button may be defined to behave in different way in different button groups.

3. Could IRAssistant support my infrared receiver or other device?
It could be possible to add support for your device. The driver creation would be much easier if it's possible you to send the device to us. In fact it's almost impossible to create the driver if we are not able to try and test it. There's also another way, you could create the device yourself! If you are interested to create the driver, ! If your device is connected to the COM (serial) port and there's no specific driver available, you could test your device with the general COM driver.

4. Is it possible to have some new features in IRAssistant?
Yes. If you feel that IRAssistant does not have the features you would like to have, let us know! Of course all the feature suggestions can not be implemented but tell us what kind of feature is missing and we'll see what we can do.

5. Is there a driver for my device available?
All currently available drivers are listed on the download page. If your device is connected to the serial port, try to use the general COM driver.

6. Please create a driver for my device!
Please see question #3.

7. How can I use same remote control buttons for different purposes?
See section "How to use IRAssistant" from the IRAssistant help file. If you want to select the command from a popup menu, see section "Add/edit macro" (option "One command, select" can do that).

8. Why doesn't the RealMagic remote work with IRAssistant (I'm using the RealMagic driver!)?
Try to change the "read interval timeout" value. Start from value 0 and increase it one by one. Use learn command to see if valid codes are received.

9. Why don't you answer to my email??
We receive a lot of email every day, unfortunately we don't have time to reply to everyone. You could try the IRAssistant forum or mailing list to ask help also from other IRAssistant users. Also, the answers for most of the questions we have been asked can aleady be found from the help file or FAQ page. ;)


Last update: 7th May 2000,
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