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Do I need to register IRAssistant?

IRAssistant is free for private and educational use. When IRAssistant is used for commercial purposes, a licence is needed. However, some additional parts of IRAssistant may be shareware also for private and educational use, like GSM-SMS driver.

Notice that one user licence permits to use the software and the driver only in one computer at a time! Registration fees for one user licences are:

Aboutbox of IRAssistant
Infrared receivers and retailers
- Evation Irman
- USA Home Electronics
- REALmagic Remote Control
- UK, Concept Devices
- Logosz - Redlink 105 TV
- IR - Ben Webshop
- Homemade IR-port to motherboard
Electronic components
Before contacting!
Please see FAQ page and discussion forum to see if the solution for your problem is already found. Most of the questions we receive have already been answered in the forum and FAQ. If you still don't find the answer to your question, please see information below to contact! Unfortunately we may not be able to answer all questions due to amount of received mail. Registered users will have more dedicated support. Please remember to mention in the mail if you have registered IRAssistant!
How to contact?
If you want to get more information about IRAssistant, send feature suggestions, bug reports or anything concerning IRAssistant, please use e-mail:



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