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What is IRAssistant?
IRAssistant is a software for controlling your PC remotely. You can execute macros with remote controllers, joysticks, GSM short messages etc. If you do not have any remote controller devices, you can still execute macros with customizable button panel! With IRAssistant you can control almost all Windows applications without any extra remote controller plug-ins!

If you think that IRAssistant does not have the macro commands you need, you can create your own commands with plugins! See download page for more information.

IRAssistant is free for private and educational uses. If IRAssistant is used for commercial purposes, a licence is needed.
What can IRAssistant do?
- Control almost all Windows applications, e.g. DVD, MP3, CD-players, TV-cards, slide shows etc, and especially SesamTV Media Center, full multimedia software for TV viewing.

- Download SesamTV Media Center!

- Emulate mouse actions (cursor movements and button clicks)

- Launch applications

- Execute macros on different target windows

- Execute mouse clicks on predefined locations (useful for example with Windows CD player)

- Share infrared receiver with a software which already has the remote control support (IRAssistant can deactivate itself before an application is launched, so the launched application can use the same infrared receiver for it's own purposes)

- Control your PC with GSM short messages from almost any place in the world!

- And much more...

Here for the first time?
- Take a look at IRAssistant help files to get more detailed information!

- Download IRAssistant!
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