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Supported hardware
See link page for more information about IR-receiver retailers etc!
- AST remote
Use AST driver.
- Asus IRM-100N module on Asus P2B-F

Use general COM driver. UART port redirected to IR-connector by BIOS setting. Speed: 4800, Init string: "I;-P200;R" No response string.

- ATI Remote Wonder
Use the specific driver.
- FlyVideo98 remote
Use FlyVideo98 drivers. It works only with the new WDM based driver it might work with other cards from Lifeview based on WDM driver model but it's not working with FlyVideo2000.
- GSM phones with SMS features
Use the GSM-SMS driver. Allows macros to be executed with short messages.
- IrDa devices
Use general COM driver. May not work with all IrDa devices.
See Evation Irman.
- Logitech remote
Use Logitech driver.
- MikroBitti IR-receiver
Use general burst IR-driver.
- miroMEDIA remote
Use general COM driver. 1200,8,N,1
- Miro PCTV by Pinnacle Systems
Use Pinnacle Driver.
- NEC IR Remote
Use NEC IR driver.
- Packard Bell Fast Media Remote
Use the WinLIRC driver with WinLIRC software. See WinLIRC page for more information.
- PC Commander
See Evation Irman.
- Redlink 105 TV
Use general COM driver. 9600,8,N,1 DTR enable, RTS enable, Init string: IR
- Sigma Designs RealMagic remote controller
Use specific driver.
Use general burst IR-driver.
- Universal Infrared Receiver (UIR) Evation Irman
Use the specific driver or use general COM driver: Init: I;-P50;R Response: OK Speed: 9600
- WinLIRC server
Use the WinLIRC driver.
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Information about configuring IrDa in Windows 98

The built-in IR hardware must be disabled in order to re-enable the Windows 95 "Generic IR" support. This must be done that Windows 98 would see the IR port as a serial port and assign a COM port which can be used with IRassistant.

Make two changes to MSPORTS.INF file:
;Add the following line to support the IR port
%*PNP0510.DeviceDesc% = ComPort, *PNP0510 ; Generic IR device/Comm Port
;Add the following line to provide a device description for PNP0510
*PNP0510.DeviceDesc = "Generic Ir Serial Port"

Go into device manager and remove the devices associated with the original Windows 98 configuration:

- IrDa Network Adapter
- Virtual COM/PRT ports
- Infrared device

Reboot your PC and Windows 98 should now install a 'Generic Ir Serial Port' and assign a true COM port.


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