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IRAssistant Download
- IRAssistant v4.0007
- IRAssistant v4.0007 for x10
Download free release for X10 Systems remote control.
- IRAssistant v4.0007 for Pinnacle
Download free release for Pinnacle Systems remote control.
- IRAssistant, commercial licence 24 euros (~US$ 20), register
Before IRAssistant can be used, a driver must also be installed for the device you have. Download the driver, unzip the file and copy the DLL file(s) to the IRAssistant directory and configure it from the settings dialog. Select the driver and press configure button. If there's no driver for your device in the list, and we'll see if the driver could be created. The drivers works only with version IRAssistant 3.0 and newer.

If you are interested to create your own driver, ask for more information! You may also use the joystick and WinLIRC source code as a base for your code. We would be happy to receive the drivers you have created!
- com.zip (version 1.2, updated 11.2.2000)
General COM driver. If there's no COM-driver for your infrared receiver, you may try to use it with this driver. This driver is included in the software package. Works also with some IrDa ports.
- irman.zip (version 1.2, updated 11.2.2000)
A driver for Evation Irman, Universal Infrared Receiver (UIR), PC Commander and IR2PC.
- PowerSafe v1.0 (version 1.0, thanks to Jan Lellmann)
A complement to irman drivers to correctly handles standby/resume events.
- Joystick.zip (version 1.0)
A simple driver for joystick. Four directions (up, right, down, left) and two buttons supported. Ideal for cursor control with joystick. (Delphi source code available!)
- rmagic.zip (version 1.2, updated 18.3.2000)
Sigma Designs RealMagic infrared remote.
General burst IR-driver for IR-receivers that sends a burst of pulses of various lengths. Tested with IR-receiver introduced in Finnish MikroBitti magazine 11/99. See included readme.txt for more information.This simple and cheap circuit works with this driver.
- nec.zip (version 1.3, updated 11.6.2000)
NEC IR remote controller.
A driver for AST remote controller.
- gsm.zip (version 1.0 beta2, updated 6.3.2000)
A driver for GSM phones. Connect a GSM phone to your PC and execute macros with short messages! This driver is shareware and can be evaluated for one month. Registration fee is 29 euros/1 user licence. This driver is beta version! about the driver!
- ira_lirc.zip (Updated 13.3.2000)
A WinLIRC-driver for IRAssistant by Darin Peshev. With this driver IRAssistant can receive data from WinLIRC server. Includes C sources.
- msgdrv.zip (version 1.0, updated 26.3.2000)
A message driver for IRAssistant. Allows commands to be sent with Windows' sendmessage function. Send commands easily to IRAssistant from other applications!
- logitech.zip (version 1.0, updated 11.6.2000)
A driver for Logitech remote controller.
- pinnacle.zip (version 1.0, updated 15.03.2002)
The drivers for Pinnacle remote control.
- ira_Fly98.zip (version 1.1, updated 26.4.2002) Thanks to Lior Mualem
A driver for FlyVideo98 remote controller. It works only with the new WDM based driver. It might work with other cards from Lifeview based on WDM driver model but it's not working with FlyVideo2000.
- ATIDrv.zip (version 1.0, 18.2.2002)
A driver for ATI Remote wonder. It works only with ATI Remote Wonder software v1.2.
Software configurations

IRAssistant gives a possibility to import and export configuration files. Here are some files that may help you to setup IRAssistant for your purposes. Download the file (use Save Link As command) and use the Import command to import the configurations to IRAssistant. The files does not contain any remote control commands, so learn command must be used for each button group and macro in order to execute them with remote controller.

If you have made a configuration for some application that does not exists on this page, please export it and to us! We'll add the file to this page to help also other IRAssistant users!

You need to have the STVPlugin. (www.sesamtv.com)
Mouse click on the buttons
Allows simple text typing like in mobile phones
Freeware program for listening to and recording from popular radiocards. Radiator homepage.
Command plugins
IRAssistant supports external command plugins which gives a possibility to add your own macro commands to IRAssistant! The plugins are shown in the macro dialog, under the "Custom commands" -node. See the Winamp plugin Delphi sources to see how simple the interface is!

If you have created an useful plugin, please send it to us so we can add it to this page to help also other IRAssistant users!

Just copy the plugin DLL -file to the IRAssistant directory and restart IRAssistant and the plugin is ready to use!
Sesam.tv Navigator Plugin includes all actions for Sesam.tv Navigator (www.sesamtv.com)
- Power Control Plugin (v1.0 thanks to Jan Lellmann)
Send the computer to standby mode (suspend to RAM if activated), hibernate or do a regular shutdown.
- winamp-plugin.zip (Updated 17.9.2000)
Winamp plugin that includes basic actions for Winamp player. Includes Delphi sources.
- wav-plugin.zip (Added 6.1.2001)
This plugin allows to play WAV -files as a macro command.
- volume-plugin.zip (Added 20.1.2001)
Volume plugin allows to control different volume sources (cd, mic, etc).
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